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Small Group 小グールプ 【日本語翻訳中】

Join a private group of up to 3 students of the same English level where a native teacher will teach grammar and vocabulary.

An experienced native-level teacher will lead a lesson for up to 3 students. Group lessons are centered around learning specific grammar, and vocabulary, and then practicing this with your teacher and peers.

A unique feature of 英GO Academy is that every month you will have the option to engage in projects where you can apply what you've learned and improve your English skills through real-world-based projects. You may need to write a narrative, plan a birthday party, put together a mock business presentation, or write a science report. These projects will involve both individual and group work. You will present this project to the class, and your teacher will provide detailed feedback that you will apply to your next project.

The small class structure allows the teacher to provide specific feedback to each student, while you learn and grow with others who are at a similar level. While it's not manditory, we encourage students to communicate outside of class and to work together on assignments, homework, and projects.

Join our unique English lessons today at 英GO Academy!

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