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Private 個人レッス 【日本語翻訳中】

1-on-1 private lessons with a native-level teacher tailored to your needs. All levels of English are welcomed.

Study with a native-level experienced English teacher in a private lesson. We will tailor your one-on-one sessions to your needs. We have various programs suitable for anyone, from beginners to those studying business English. Private lessons entirely personable and customised. Tell us what you'd like to study, leave it to us, or how about a blend of both?

At 英GO Academy, you'll have access to thousands of both original and sourced textbooks, worksheets, and other materials to enhance and guide your learning. These will be provided by your teacher as necessary and depending on your preferences.

Amongst others, our main two-types of English classes are: Conventional and Conversational.

Conventional classes are more traditonal English learning environments. The learning will be informed by textbooks and worksheets, supplemented with reading practices and brief conversations with the teacher. The focus of this class is on grammar, vocabulary, and completing exercises.

Conversational classes focus on speaking. Lessons will typically begin with reading a news article, watching a video, or reading a chapter of a book aloud with your teacher. From here, the teacher will prompt you to answer various questions, providing detailed feedback on your responses.

You can choose which teacher you'd like to study with, or we can assign a teacher for you based on your needs. If you're not sure where you'd like to begin, we offer free 15-minute consultations. These are for you to ask any questions you may have, and where a teacher can propose a brief lesson plan.

Begin your personalized English lessons today at 英GO Academy!

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