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Everyday English

Monthly Topic 【日本語翻訳中】

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Every month, a new calendar of topics will be available to see here. Each lesson will focus on the topic of the day as per above. Please feel free to join any lesson. We encourage you to take part even if you're unfamiliar with the topic or might not be too interested in it, as that is the perfect opportunity to improve your English! 

Class Levels


07:00 ~

19:00 ~

45 mins


08:00 ~

20:00 ~

45 mins


09:00 ~

21:00 ~

45 mins

There are three levels. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. All classes run for approximately 45 minutes. All 3 levels will study the same topic each day, but with varying levels of difficulty. Please feel free to try each level multiple times to find one that suits your level. Morning and evening classes are offered daily for all 3 levels.

  • Everyday English

    • 毎日英語の勉強 | Study daily
    • ネイティブレベル講師 | Fluent teachers
    • トピックス色々 | New topic daily
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